Notting Hill

This Victorian industrial building was converted into a 3-story family home. Crittall style windows and doors, exposed brickwork and exposed steels are integral to the design. To re write the story of the industrial era, we used and applied an ancestral Belgian limestone technique bringing these walls a new velvety sensation. The big open spaces and rough materials bring simplicity and humility, the rejection of all that is superfluous or artificial.
Rooted in an industrial past and to connect to the future we designed an oversized cubic and angular stainless steel kitchen island imbued with today s comforts.
The contrast of the rough materials, lime painted open brick walls, salvaged wooden floor and kitchen is soften by long and full curtains, natural color linen and touches of refinement with eclectic antique pieces like 1950 s velvet Zanusso armchairs or American mid-century stainless-steel lamps. The navy-blue accents of the living room give a touch of southern European classicism.
Le Corbusier armchairs meet an antique Italian fireplace in a very contemporary frame.
African and Turkish rugs contrast with fine embroidered curtains. The blend of eras creates the harmony. A home like a new oasis that fosters a sense of Zen, inspiration and well-being.

Residential project: 2015
Category : City LONDON
Photography: J.WILSON