At Marianne Tiegen Interiors, we aspire to create soulful places that enrich people’s lives and make them feel in harmony with their home, wherever "home" is. Based in Switzerland , France and California, we take on interior design projects, small and large, residential and hospitality, in Europe and beyond.

A wanderer at heart

I grew up by the ocean, raised by a rather bohemian French-Californian family. When my dad wasn’t surfing, he was drawing iconic Los Angeles houses and his love of both nature and architecture fueled my imagination. Having always been a wanderer and nature-lover, I lived in many places around the world, from boats and mountain cabin to urban flats and beach bungalows. However diverse these places were, they had one thing in common: in tune with their natural environment, they were all beautifully authentic and inspired my philosophy on interior design.

A sense of home

They provided me with an instant sense of home, whether "home" was on the Californian coastline, in rainy London, in the heart of Paris or on top of a mountain in Verbier. And this home feeling is very much at the heart of my interior design practice today.

Founding moments

About twenty years ago I discovered Petersham Nurseries. Having been a florist myself, I fell in love with this unique mix of nature, art and craft. I was already sourcing antiques, objects and furniture for major brands, concept stores and hotels but I started working more closely with and for Francesco Boglione. "She is the heart and soul of Petersham Nurseries" Francesco used to say when introducing me to clients who then started asking me to redo their homes.

The first big project I accomplished was on the place des Vosges in Paris. It ended up on the front cover of Vogue magazine described as quintessentially glamorous and romantic, propelling my career as an interior designer. Today the office has grown but the ethos has remain the same.

Art and nature

At the heart of our practice is the idea that by creating spaces infused with art and nature, we can have a positive impact on people’s sense of wellbeing. All our projects start with a deep understanding of our clients’ lifestyles and aspirations. These open conversations never cease to inspire us and ensure that the spaces we create are alive, unique and personal.

Working with artisans

Rejecting any systematic approach, we are best defined by our philosophy. We have a huge respect for the local culture surrounding the homes we design and always look to deploy a story that is perfectly in tune with the direct environment. Over the years and having traveled the world for decades looking for the best artisans, we’ve developed strong relationships with talented craftsmen and women. Favoring raw and noble materials that evolve with time, their skills bring a unique sensoriality to the places we design. They are nothing less than the heart and soul of our projects.

Our driving force

Curiosity and discovery have always been our driving force and we love embarking on a quest to find singular antiques, objects or art pieces which will give a home its unique personality. This approach makes particular sense today as it is part of our global effort to preserve, rescue and restore furniture and materials.

Style as tension

Our style comes from the tension, the tension we create when the texture of oversized old linen curtains contrasts with the purity of a modernist sofa, when an American lamp from the seventies meets an antique craft furniture weathered by time, when wild plants from the mountains dialogue with a contemporary art piece, when different time periods live together. Simplicity encounters sophistication, the bare stumbles upon the extravagant, the old cohabits with the new. These constant tensions create the space necessary for the owner to feel at ease.

It is the dedication and love we put in every single one of our projects that makes it so easy for our clients to instantly feel at home.

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