This large duplex flat in a 1970s building in Neuilly sur seine is probably the rare place in Paris where you could have a large luxuriant garden. A family with teenagers works in the French capital in the industry of Luxe and wanted a complete change adapting all the volumes to their family needs.
We wanted to keep a dominant of the sandy stone of Paris with gold accents of the city of lights. Modern lines are softened by the textured antique linens and wood. The furniture range go from Louis the 13th to 1930s pieces with a mix of mid-century brutalist American ones. A Louis the 13th desk which subtly evoke the past of the city meets an Adrien Pearsall chair reupholstered in wild silk as per the curtains. Course textured antique linens contrast with wild silk and glittery waxed linens. Angles are geometric, angled, blocky, graphic with highly textured and raw surfaces.
Form follows function in a highly technically designed kitchen which turns into a modernist pattern of brass and raw mineral plaster wall. Asymmetrical compositions, and minimal ornamentation give the peacefulness and tranquility enabling its inhabitant to feel at ease.
The design is deliberately organic which promotes harmony between man and nature. Different hues of green fabrics are combined with the earthy tones of Paris natural stone for an indoor-outdoor integration.

Residential project
Category City : PARIS
Photography : J.WILSON