La Grange

La grange, the barn in English is a lounge bar located in the area of Crans Montana in Switzerland. It was the project and union of a few friends who bought their life long local bar. They had dreamed of making this place their own playground.
The ski resort location makes it a dominantly après ski bar with a lounge area on the upper level. The walls are clad with old wood from reclaimed alpine barns, where rugged materials are left in raw or natural states to evolve over time with exposure to the elements and to human touch.
The natural imperfection of old wood come and contrast with geometric forms of our own design like a graphic solid wood console table which encompass a rugged material abstract art piece. Rich textures of hand died antique linens and hemps contribute to the overall aesthetic.
The inspiration comes from the outdoors with different hues of greens like the surrounding blooming nature after the winter season. It is a continuous dialogue with the interiors, a mix of understated and sophisticated with a selection of unique vintage pieces from Scandinavian to French mid-century, that brings it to a cosmopolitan world, juxtaposed with old, weathered tractor seats which got turned into bar stools bringing la grange back into its natural context.
The Neon lights brings us to the city nightlife blended with the local wild seasonal plants arrangements give the perfect space for contrast and polarity of energies which influences the whole.

Hospitality project: 2020
Category : Mountain Switzerland
Photography: J.WILSON