Do Condo

A few steps from the waterfront and the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon, this 200-square-meter apartment with a large terrace providing bay views convinced the homeowners — a French couple — to move from London for a sunnier life by the ocean. While the space is nestled in a historic building, no original details have been preserved, so the project consisted in delicately reintroducing some charming elements such as tiles, and bringing in more light by painting the floors and ceilings white — a color that evokes the humble seaside architecture of Comporta, Portugal. To complement the neutral and bright backdrop, we opted for a mix of orange, rust, amber and earthy touches through the furniture and décor pieces from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Several bamboo elements bring the warmth, while the Hollywood Regency-inspired brass wall light adds some glamour.
Drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment to create a sun-kissed, golden hour look, this apartment reflects a mix of eclectic influences from both Europe and the United States balanced with references to local crafts and architecture.

Residential project
Category : Ocean LISBON
Photography: J.WILSON