Camden Town

These former Monthy Python film studios in the heart of the alternative culture of Camden town in the north of London, were completely renovated into a family home and also the studio of a fashion designer.
A series of building of approximately 3000 m2 and 130 m2 for the main studio, include a separate projection room, inner courtyard, several bedrooms and entertainement rooms. The buildings were elegantly joined by a glazed bridge.
Arriving via a discreet entrance and a long path of nature, takes you to the main living room with a 5 m high ceilings. The added skylight of this room and the lush plants blurs the lines between interior and exterior. .Everything here is overscaled but still welcoming and warm achieved by the contrast of mass produced pieces from the industrial area cohabitating with luxurious and soft elements like a large fur rug , golden murano lamps or a brass fireplace.
Earthy tones, with the odd colorfull surprise makes it a place you want to travel into. In the other rooms the same mélange of humble industrial materials and luxurious and soft textures like cashmere curtains create a balance of intimacy and harmony. Aldo Tura fushia table or a series of 70s orange Murano pendants bring a sense of joy in your travel.
These contrasts of roughness and chic, gigantic and intimate spaces makes it a place to encourage self reflection and inspiration for the creative inhabitants.

Residential project: 2022
Category City : LONDON
Photography : J.WILSON