Beach street

The house was built in 1912 and is one of the few bungalows which survived redevelopment in Venice Beach. The Pied à Terre for an international family is composed of a single story of 150 m2 with 3 bedrooms.
Because it was one of the few remaining, the clients were keen on keeping its authentic charm whilst modernizing it.
The house was completely rebuilt while maintaining the important architecture details. The typical beach cottage of that era tended to be very dark in the inside and low ceilinged, so we vaulted the ceilings throughout as well as adding many skylights.
Dominance of light, pale yellows like the sand and beach nearby, rugged wood accents like this old craftsman work bench, to illustrate an humble beach lifestyle.
Bamboo accents like in a beach tiki house, Florence Arnold hard-edge abstract painting from the geometric abstraction of the 60s in Los Angeles, as a graphic element in an organic aesthetic.
Mix and match of French Pierre Chapo 60’s chairs and Danish mid-century ones.
French Antique linens and hemp come to soften the harsh Californian light.

Residential project
Category : Ocean LOS ANGELES
Photography: J.WILSON